Who’s Calling?

Individuals with hearing loss often experience the frustration of being unable to hear clearly on the phone. Even those who use hearing aids can have trouble making out exactly what is being said on the other line, which ultimately interrupts the flow of conversation and communication, as the user must ask the caller to repeat themselves several times. Many people give up the use of the telephone altogether, fearing that they won’t be  able to understand the caller and all the while missing out on important conversations with their loved ones. But with a CaptionCall phone, users can speak and listen with confidence.

CaptionCall is a high-quality telephone featuring a large touch screen that allows users to see what their callers are saying. CaptionCall acts as another force of support, providing additional clarity for the user. All that is needed is a high-speed internet connection and a landline phone line. A caller gives you a ring, and as said caller speaks, a CaptionCall Communications Assistant converts the words into text for you to see. And your callers don’t need to own one, either – they can call from any phone and Caption Call will simply transfer their words onto your screen. The phone also has a feature that allows users to save conversations to read again at any time. This is particularly helpful for conversations with important, need-to-remember details. The volume settings can be personalized call-to-call, or you can choose a general sephone_captioncalltting to keep.

Hearing aid wearers find the CaptionCall phone very beneficial as it adds another layer of security and clarity to their conversations. Hearing aids and CaptionCall work particularly well together in this regard, especially since the phone is so efficient and easy to use. If you are an individual who has trouble hearing over the phone, CaptionCall might be just what you need. Connecting with others can feel natural and enjoyable again, just as it should. Don’t let yourself miss out – like the makers of CaptionCall say, “life is calling.”

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